Blanco Suave is a North Michigan based duo made up of musicians Luke Arquette and Gretchen McKenzie who mix hiphop and spoken word elements in crafting a unique, off kilter brand of rap music. Their latest release is the 8 bit/ jazz influenced track titled “Your Back Teeth”.  The track is pretty bubbly with the groovy syncopated drums and mellow soundscape but the icing on the cake is Gretchen McKenzie’s witty, unorthodox writing that strays very far from the norm. Sometimes she quips “…you open bottles with your back teeth, sometimes it freaks me out but I’m not your mom so I won’t say nothing...” and dwells on the ifs and buts that sounds perfect for broke lovers.


Longtime childhood friends and collaborators; their past as rhythm-section musicians has given them a deep understanding of music that can undoubtedly be felt in the pulse of their tracks. Both artists’ beat-making abilities mesh to create lush beats that are both vibrant and memorable. Gretchen’s vocals add a joyous layer to the beats, while her poetry focused lyrics ensure that listeners will return again and again.


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