Gang Star Foundation co-founder, Big Shug returns with new heat produced by DJ Premier. “EMF” is off his latest album titled ‘The Diamond Report’, available for streaming on major platforms.

There’s no sugarcoating or beating around the bush when it comes to Big Shug or his lyrical jousts and the message is a simple one in “EMF.”  He’s turning up his chin and middle finger to all the naysayers, unloyal paths, and anyone who’s ever crossed him. To those who took his name in vain, he’s still here with his chest high in the game. He’s moved past the shenanigans and has been winning since the jail gates opened. To those who shame or taint the Gang Star legacy, be prepared to be stricken by Shug’s lyrical demolition.

Premier steers the freight of Shug’s aggressive jabs with classic cuts and scratches over heavy bass weaving through blaring horns. This double threat can’t be taken lightly! Watch “EMF” and connect with Big Shug below.

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