Our good friends at Melting Pot Music have just released the latest news on the Betty Ford Boys debut album Leaders Of The Brew School. In case you are unfamiliar, the Betty Ford Boys are basically a production super group composed of members Brenk Sinatra, Suff Daddy and Dexter, all hailing from Germany.

The group has just recently finished up their Leaders Of The Brew School Tour which was set at spreading news about the new album. Individually these three producers dope and some of the most innovative producers in the underground game, together, well you can be the judge. 

The album is set to drop August 30th. It will be available on LP (digital download also included), CD (digipack) and MP3. So head over and pre-order Leaders Of The Brew School via MPM.

The Betty Ford Boys are the first hip-hop producer super group out of Germany, consisting of
Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra. We call them the rat pack of our beat scene. With all
diversity in sound, the three producers are unified in their love for dope beats and high-proof
drinks, both catered and consumed with style and expertise.

1. The Time Has Come (4 Us To Be One)
2. Hero Heroin
3. Icky
4. Papa Was (A Junkie), Too
5. Everyday
6. Tell Her
7. Westcoast Shizznit
8. Sippin’
9. Legalize Every MF Thing
10. Hold Up
11. Making Love Good
12. Coco Puffs
13. I Need A 40
14. Snow Soul
15. Till The Wheels Fall Off
16. Drinkin’ Hennessy

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