Ahhh my dude BeNeVoLeNcE delivers the perfect EP for any video gaming conniseur. Composed entirely out of samples from soundtracks from RPGs like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, this is a sweet collection of instrumentals for anyone to enjoy. But I must say when that first track turned on I was hit by nostalgia, Kingdom Hearts is a beast of a game, don’t sleep.

This EP is a solid collection of instrumentals containing samples and dubs of soundtracks from some of the very best RPG video game titles. Some are older, going back to the 5th generation (1993-2001) of gaming with samples from games such as “Final Fantasy VII” and “Chrono Cross.” Moreover, this EP contains samples from newer, more recent titles, such as the award winning “Elder Scrolls” series, “Xenoblade Chronicles,” and “Bastion.”

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