It’s an early week and between trying to get some work done and looking forward to the coming weekend, it’s always nice to push out some new music to our readers. Emerging producer Beal Beats makes that happen as he makes his debut appearance on TWIB with 3 solid beats that we can rock to.

The first beat titled “Paperz” is built on a groovy percussion fill, boom-bap drums, and soulful retro horns and warm textures. It’s straight forward and doesn’t feel too rowdy ad the instruments sound crisp and easily blend into one another. Not many switch-ups are made here but it sure sounds solid from start to finish.

“Minutes” is the second beat we got from the producer and this time, he goes for a solemn aesthetic. The keys have a laidback, nostalgic feel and warm texture, the drum breaks employed here are clean and don’t sound rowdy. Again, he doesn’t make use of too many switch-ups but that doesn’t take away from the heartwarming feeling the beat provides.

Last but not least is “Ages,” a melancholic beat built on soft drums, moody keys, and cinematic textures. This has that classic 90s NY aura and you can easily picture Kool G Rap or The Intelligent Hoodlum rapping over this.

Beal Beats sure has a knack for crafting emotional pieces with grit-laden aesthetics that would make hardcore rap-lovers smile.


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