Rising rapper/songwriter and genre-bending artist BdotJeff caught our ears with his latest release titled DLC SEASON 1. The 5 track body of work is a dynamic project that takes elements from Punk, Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B and experimental sounds while the subject matter ranges from love, personal loss and deep introspection.


“TBRYNH” is the opening track and it sets the tone with it’s experimental soundscape and moody textures with sparsely arranged drums. Here, BdotJeff proceeds to detail his ultimate goal to be the best rapper we have ever heard of. He sure shows poise and pours his all in each word and breath and delivers the goods in his own unique way. “few” starts off with a solemn xylophone-driven beat and dreamy pads with punchy drums to match. Here, BdotJeff employs a mix of energetic cadences with stylish storytelling underpinned by bravado and carefree energy. He asserts his goals in the chorus as he sings “Bring a few things to the show/ Merch gonna go, I’m selling them, notice that good things come with patience”.On “My Baby Pt. 2/ Shine” he teams up with artist JAMPOP for a pop-infused track that sees BdotJeff penning an open letter to the lady who caught his eye. He pours his heart on wax and praises that special lady. He acknowledges the ups and downs of being in a relationship and despite it all, he reminds her that he only wants the best for her.  JAMPOP comes through in the final verse with his distinct melodic flow that interpolates that classic Ja Rule song in a modern fashion.


The project closes out with “Silent Hill”  and “the boy, the bus (all in due time)”, two tracks that change the overall feel of the project. “Silent Hill” is the quintessential posse cut that involves fellow rappers Fanaticus, the late Maliqe and Token Antagonist who proceed to send shots at detractors, naysayers and internet trolls whose only power is behind the keyboards. Over the solemn and melancholic soundscape, each emcee brings a distinct vibe to the track that ranges from mellow, aggressive and nonchalant energies. The final track “The Boy, the bus (all in due time)” is a 2 track in one tune. The first part is upbeat and has BdotJeff rapping in a high pitch and energetic style with off-kilter lyricism while in the other half, he changes his flow according to the laidback but cinematic beat. The lyrics are quite reflective and give listeners a glimpse into BdotJeff’s love life and what he envisions for the future.


Overall, DLC SEASON 1 is as nonconformist as it comes and attempts to bridge the gap between traditional and experimental hip-hop sounds with a touch of distinct elements. It sure might be an acquired taste for some but overall, lovers of off-kilter music can tap into it for what it’s worth.


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