Occupied Thought is a Bay Area Alternative Hip Hop group consisting of Mister Cleen (the I-MC) and Silhouette. Mister Cleen has been a consistent underground presence in Northern California since 2001, having released five independent projects and the collaborative Occupied Thought “Maximum Occupancy” ten track album released in 2003.

Silhouette, although never having a solo album, has been featured on many mixtapes and albums from coast to coast. He is currently the San Francisco Regional Director for the International Hip Hop Parade in the Bronx and has interviewed several well established artists including Afrika Bambaata, Lovebug Starski, Masta Ace, Pep Love, Wordsworth & Capadonna. He was also responsible for lining up the B-boy set and was part of the onstage show for the world famous Cold Crush Brothers during the Art of Rapfest at Shoreline amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA
The pair of emcees have performed across the west coast over the years including the Slapfrost tour opening for Locksmith, Motion Man, Planet Asia, Hieroglyphics, and Prince Po of Organized Konfusion to name a few.


The Rare Occupancy EP can be heard for free at the below link and has features from Prince Po from Organized Konfusion, Jendor (Pave the Way), and production from Aagee (producer for Hieroglyphics) as well as Kid Nyce (grammy award winning producer with credits on Naught By Nature’s Poverty’s Paradise

For more on Ocuppied Thought follow them on Soundcloud

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