Az Izz, Brick City rapper and producer and also member of the legendary Outsidaz crew is on the comeback trail with his new album “Dopeliss” slated for a July 3rd release. ‘Nunya’ is the new single that has just been released following on from the previously released ‘Gettin’ It’.  Produced by another Newark native, Qua Z Mo, it’s a fuel injected electro banger powered by heavy 808 kicks with Az on the front foot from the outset.  Packing the verbal artillery, targets are placed in the sights and gauntlets thrown down through a series of combative rhymes and punchline bars, Nunya has lines like; Ya whole career is a publicity stunt, how you black, ain’t kick a rap about your history once making it the type of rap song that is stoking the fires and producing pure heat for the streets.
Stream and download Nunya at the following sites: APPLE  TIDAL  SPOTIFY  AMAZON  SOUNDCLOUD
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