Bristol, England based singer-songwriter Aylin delivers a heartwarming and expressive record in the form of her new single titled “My Way.” Engulfed by a soothing, allurinng texture she taps into the deepest regions of her emotions to craft the near-perfect love song. Armed with a sultry and angelic vocal style, Aylin details the dynamics of her current relationship and how she truly feels about the love between 2 individuals. Aylin really brings a whole new vibe to the forefront and delivers the goods.

She is currently studying at Bimm University, in Bristol, studying a Professional Musicianship-Vocals course. She is now working on an EP with Walkman studio Record Label. This EP is gonna have alternative r&b, neo-soul, trap, and new-reggae influences and is gonna be released in autumn 2019.

Get “My Way” on Apple Music.


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