Japanese emcee Awich burst through the seams with the release of her major-label debut single and video for fiery new track, “Shook Shook”.  Backed by a rumbling backdrop courtesy of producer  Chaki Zulu, Awich comes with all guns blazing as she stamps both feet on the proverbial concrete. Armed with a spirited flow and ability to switch from her native Japanese to English, she tackles the male-centric industry with a proclamation “…when I come with the brap brap, you better duck duck, you are shook shook…”

For the visuals, she teams up with Japanese video director, Kento Yamada,  who aesthetically expands on the theme of the song with his fierce avant-garde interpretation.

Awich, short for “Asia Wish Child,” taken from her birth name “Akiko,” is a name she created to reflect her roots. A child growing up on her home island of Okinawa, Awich would stay up through the night writing poetry about varieties of things such as life, love, the universe and etc. Her first encounter with hip hop was listening to Tupac’s All Eyes on Me when she was 13, and her primary English textbook hailed from Tupac’s lyrics, interviews, movies and books. A 14 year old Awich was featured on the local hip hop compilation album “Orion Beat” showcasing various Okinawan artists, and in 2006 she released her debut EP “Inner Research“, and that same year relocated to Atlanta to attend school during the height of the southern hip-hop boom. The move between Tokyo and Atlanta inspired her first full album Asia Wish Child in 2007. During her time stateside, she married a New York native and gave birth to her daughter, Toyomi Jah’mira. 

Shook Shook” is the first single from her upcoming EP, “Partition“, set to hit August 21, 2020 via Universal Music Group.

Get “Shook Shook”   on all DSPs here.

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