You are now entering the WIB Slap Zone! “The Writer’s Guild”..Named after an organization created to protect the rights, privileges and integrity of writers, don’t call The Writer’s Guild a “supergroup.” Call it a collective..a movement… or the new standard. Formed in Phoenix, Arizona, the Guild is collection of emcees and one poet, all with the same goal– raising the bar and quality level in hip-hop music. Random, Roqy TyraiD, Mr. Miranda, Pennywise, Roknowledge AZ’s newest group of lyricists has come to set the standard with “The Guild,” produced by Hexsagon…. Grown hip hop right here folks.. Support The Writer’s Guild…Highly recommend you lace the track in your rotation and play this at a high decibels…


MC Pennywise: Twitter | Mr. Miranda: Twitter | Roqy TyraiD: Twitter | Random: Twitter | Hexsagon: Twitter | Roknowledge: Twitter


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