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Artist, guitarist, and fixed gear bicycle enthusiast turned emcee Scoot Dubbs aka Justin Trapp has obviously played many different roles in Indianapolis’s underground movement over the past decade. Scoot’s first forays into music were as guitarist for a number of local rock bands, but a little more than a year ago, he made the transition to hip-hop emcee after being inspired by the Cool Kids to write about his other passion, bikes. Within a few months, Scoot Dubbs was ready to drop his debut project It’s Not So Bad via Cut Camp, an imprint he created with collaborator Yeti-One, with whom Scoot has recorded several tracks. With a style that draws from heavy weights such as Big Daddy Kane and Mos Def, Scoot Dubbs rhymes with a captivating throwback style that is guaranteed to please the hip-hop lover in everyone. Watch out for his latest solo project to drop as a joint venture between Cut Camp and Heavy Gun on May 24, 2011!

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