Quakers: a hip-hop collective boasting 35 members orbiting around a core of three producers: Fuzzface, 7-Stu-7 and Katalyst. Fuzzface is better known as Portishead’s Geoff Barrow; 7-Stu-7 is Portishead’s engineer and in-house producer at Invada Records; Katalyst is one of the most respected producers in Australia.

Dope. With this one Quakers offers up the production with some funky funky beat and Jonwayne proceeds to spit some real dope stuff. From the self titled ‘Quakers’ release, coming up in a lil under 2 weeks, as is this track. It is gonna be a truely epic release. And check the Hip Hop mix that the Quakers did for Stones Throw’s podcast too.

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Quakers: Stones Throw


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