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He’s back kids, ladies and gentlemen, Hump Jones has a very exquisite flow and no doubt can kill a beat, When it’s needed.. His lyrical content is nuttier than squirrel sh!t..and this time around he hasn’t lost that Hump Jones Feel on this track..”Jeddore Premium Flow”… Is another level mindframe of things as Mr. Jones releases his jovial side of things…We all need fun right?…This is that feel good vibe..Here’s what was said: “I’ve been putting so much work into the dark, conceptual tracks for Breakup Music that I had to go off on some beautifully dumb shit. This is that. Beat is courtesy of the Gary, Indiana pothead recluse DJ Squid and the track was recorded and mixed by Custom. I swore I would go full retard this year and I finally delivered in the 11th hour.
Sure, I’d like to pretend this is “promo” for some “project” I’m gonna drop, but I think we both know I’m just gonna keep eating acid and making tons of tracks until someone dumb enough to throw money at me comes along. Until then, more lunacy on the way. Thank you for your time, folks.

Ghea support the artistry and keep us locked here for freshness!! Enjoy!


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