Wow, what a way to celebrate an anniversary… It’s an ending of an era for A Tribe Called Quest. This is definitely going down in the history books!

If you haven’t heard recently, ATCQ has (well… HAD) two final shows this week (one of them being two nights ago) and the LAST and FINAL show is this Sunday at the Madison Square Garden! Mind you, for all you Tribe heads out there… this will be the only night that you will see ATCQ as a group — forever.

ATCQ was picked up last month by Kanye West for the Yeezus Tour (which includes Kendrick Lamar). So, there will be two separate shows with Kendrick & ATCQ opening for Kanye. So if you haven’t got your tickets yet, then I suggest you do now! They’re cheap at this point, so get them while you can! If you are feeling nostalgic, read our A Tribe Called Quest Drop On A Classic.

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