Half Ethiopian and half Dutch singer Astèr Fekre makes her entry on TWIB with her unique blend of RnB music with the release of her new single “Make Your Mind Up.” The song is one of two singles(the other is “Worry”) released by the Amsterdam based singer. The mellow soulful cut sure displays her sultry and commanding vocals over a lush and somewhat moody backdrop.

The track tackles a common situation in relationships where one party is not reciprocating the required emotional requirements which makes it somewhat shaky for both parties. it sees Fekre approaching the issue from a loving standpoint where she points out her needs without being condescending towards her partner. In other words, the song is just specifically asking your significant other to be sure of what they want for their future.

Her soft appearance evokes a certain timidity and calmness, but as soon as she starts to sing the young sexy talent radiates strength, grace & allure – she simply draws you into her world in the most magical manner.
On September 2019 she released her first single of a new chapter ‘Coffee’ followed by ‘Riffs’ ft. Tim Wes. Her latest release ‘Make Your Mind Up’ debuted on June 25th. It is part of a 2 song short video and tells a story about balancing the love between yourself and your significant other. 
Stream “Make Your Mind Up” on all DSPs here

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