UK born, Melbourne raised, Tokyo residing multimedia artist Remo Camerota released Graffiti Japan back in ’08.  Following its success and subsequent sell-out, it has recently been re-issued as a paperback for anyone who missed out.  Within its pages are visual essays highlighting the Eastern street art scene.

“Graffiti and street culture is an ever changing landscape. You can do anything, that is what’s attractive about it. The immediacy of it, the freshness of the work and the fact that you need no one’s approval to do it. Participating in and documenting this scene is a great pleasure. Documenting of street artwork around the world in general is really important because it is there one day and gone the next. It is a documentation of history via urban contemporary art.”

– Remo in Digital Artist; 21

PURCHASE “Graffiti Japan” HERE

See some examples after the jump…

The book features 15 artists, with discussions and talks with them about their craft and graffiti as an art form…

Remo Camerota: Website • Facebook


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