[wpaudio url=”https://files.me.com/joselopes/a8juvx.mp3″ text=”Shing02 x iprofess – Lift The Fog Up” dl=”0″]

[wpaudio url=”https://files.me.com/joselopes/izxge7.mp3″ text=”Edan & Percee P x DJ Mitsu The Beats – Torture Chamber” dl=”0″]

[wpaudio url=”https://files.me.com/joselopes/ay8p9g.mp3″ text=”Libretto x Evenings – Slum Funk” dl=”0″]

I must have completely missed this when it dropped earlier in the year ‘cus Evan Awake is one of those dudes that I don’t hesistate to check out when new material is around!  This mash-up attracts the magnetism of your favourite artists together into an instantly classic release.  Enjoy and show some love over at his YouTube channel!

Check The Tracklist After The Jump

1. Kaytradamus – Good Friends
2. Oddisee x Take – Show You
3. CL Smooth x the LMN3 – Appreciate
4. Shing02 x iprofess – Lift The Fog Up
5. Hocus Pocus & The Procussions x Just Plain Ant – Hip Hop
6. Five Deez x Prefuse 73 & The Books – Funky
7. J-Live x Shag – No Time To Waste
8. Esbe – Cosmic Dream
9. Murs x Blue Sky Black Death – Can It Be
10. NAK x Michita – Keep Moving [Nujabes Tribute]
11. Opio & A-Plus x Crookram – Fist Full
12. Edan & Percee P x DJ Mitsu The Beats – Torture Chamber
13. Zeta x Shin-Ski – Medioka
14. One Be Lo x The Flashbulb – E.T.
15. Zeta x Willy Sunshine – Relaxomania
16. Shing02 x gLEN Porter & u-point – Battlecry
17. Oil-Zen – With You I’m Born Again
18. Theory Hazit x Woodblue – Day By Day
19. Libretto x Evenings – Slum Funk
20. Shing02 x Michael McCann – Luv(sic) Part 5
21. Hocus Pocus & The Procussions x eDIT – Hip Hop
22. Christoph Heral – Home Sweet Home

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