Representing Moonpark,CA. Emcee Abhi The Nomad sets it off with a slow, heavy scorcher aptly titled Warheads. The self produced joint also features Foster on the assist. This is pretty solid from start to finish. Peep an excerpt of the lyrics below for a taste.

Warheads is off his upcoming 5 track EP titled “Where Are My Friends”. Hit the play button and get with the program.

“Whips and chains, ropes and belts, ties into the news/ the ties are tied into the noose/ guys are tied up into the new…”

On the self produced “Warheads”, Abhi calls upon fellow native and label mate Foster to assist him as they point a middle finger to the corrupt forces that run our planet. In a world where nations are burning non-renewable energy sources and the common man is addicted to trash television, Warheads allows the common man to escape their daily struggle. Sit back and enjoy the head nodding tune as they groove to slick rhymes over bold brass samples from W.A.R.’s ‘Slipping Into Darkness’.

Look for “Where Are My Friends?” to drop on August 30th as a five track EP and will be available for purchase on BandCamp and Soundcloud.

About Abhi:
Abhi The Nomad is an up and coming Indie Hip-Hop artist hailing from the barren suburbs of Moorpark, CA. His name has two referrals as Abhi serves as his rap alias while Nomad serves as his producer name. At the age of 22, he takes influence from the likes of Mos Def, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Kendrick Lamar. However, in today’s progressive rap era, his music holds closer similarity to Chance The Rapper, Blu and Exile, Aesop Rock and Kid Cudi.

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