UK emcee Abby Power shares a new body of work entitled influenced EP. The 13 track project is a showcase of her lyricism and penchant for penning heartfelt, relatable content ripe with bravado. The project also makes use of musical interludes that take listeners through an array of different emotions and mind frames akin to the four seasons in the year.

The project opens up with the introductory “Autumn Rain” which explores her influences and muses. The backdrop has a soft rock feel with layered textures, rich guitar riffs, and soft percussions. Next up is “Find My Way,” a guitar-laden cinematic backdrop that slowly builds into a climax as the song progresses. Abby Power is in her element and delivers an emotive performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics about her struggles. This is followed by “Relatable,” a somber and moody track that sees her teaming with grysn.oir, and both acts deliver melodies showcasing a different style. “Last to know” is a punchy and solemn track produced by Dillygotitbumpin where Abby dives deep into the concept of betrayal, a lost friendship, and self-realization. On “This Time,” Abby teams up with singer Zara W and producer Rozze who crafts a throwback-infused track that captures the 90s/early 00s. she is in a retrospective mood here and runs through her experiences with different people and the need for self-love to retain her happiness. Zara W comes through with a soothing melodic hook to tie things up. The energy switches up on the pilot kid-produced “Why Don’t We Go?” a sublime and soulful record that aims to let listeners escape into somewhere far away from the mundane. Abby delivers a vivid lyrical performance ripe with exotic name drops and images that inspires listeners to go out and get away from the usual. In “Here To Stay PT II” she teams up with Swish Lynch for a heartfelt tale of two long-lost friends who went separate ways due to life and are now reunited to once more do what they both love. Over a soulful and solemn backdrop provided by 8 Bars, Abby introduces us to her longtime friend and the circumstances that lead them apart. Swish Lynch returns the favor on the second verse and shares her own side of the story, from her stint in the big house to slowly finding herself back in the larger society where she can continue doing what she really loves, which is music. The project wraps up with “Shades of Blue” and “Autumn Rain Outro,” both tracks produced by Frances,The Mute. The former is a reflective piece that digs deep into Abby’s journey to find her inner peace. The latter is a perfect out and continues what the intro started.

Overall, influenced EP is an inspiring, personal and vibrant body of work that lovers of rap/hip-hop/soul can feel.

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