Word is Bond Rap Radio is still being recorded from my home studio while the radio station continues to be under quarantine. But I love to keep the tunes bumping every single week.

If you have a request or want to interact with us online, find us on Facebook or comment on a Twitter post or an Instagram one. I miss the live interaction that happened at the station every week via phone, text message, and social media.

Here is episode 439 of the show. I entitled it after a featured track by Black Thought that I could have used last week for the silent edition of the program.

Press play, enjoy the show, and help spread the word.

Word is Bond – #WIBRapRadio

Chase March & Unlearn – Word is Bond Theme
Mark Ski ft J57 – Truck Jewels
Aquakultre & Uncle Fester ft Ghettosocks – Problems
Homeboy Sandman – Don’t Look Down
Xzibit, B-Real, & Demrick ft Kharmony Fortune – Quarantine
Slik Jack & Pace Won – Glass Palace (Remix)
Verbal Kent & The Other Guys – Slip Away
The Bomb Shelta Association – Redrum
Marco Mello – New League of Gentlemen
Psalm Trees – Since a Child
DJ M-1 ft G.S. Advance – Mic Messiah
Kosha Dillz – Real Me
Oak Lonetree – Somebody Help
Gamma ft Defesis – Slang Teacher
Southpaw Chop ft AG – Make the Cut
Juga-Naut & Micall Parknsun – Know Your Worth
MoSik – Cosmic Slop
Outside Syndicate ft Decrepit – Mind Over Matter
Specifik ft Rola – Fight Clean
The Budos Band – Budonian Nights
B Barber & Castle Money Beats – Wit Us
Sum-01 – Get It
Paris – Why Reconcile
Ill Scholars – Magic (Remix)
Sikani & Ronnie Alpha – Trees on Tapei
Classified – Passion
Run-DMC – Naughty
Das Efx & MiLKCRATE – Set It Off
Black Eyed Peas – Joints & Jams
Grand Puba – 360 (What Goes Around)
Digital Underground – Same Song
The UMCs – Blue Cheese
Public Enemy ft The Impossebulls – Rest in Beats
Die-Rek & DJ Sean P – A Better Place
Jamil Honesty & Hobgoblin – The Fabric
Black Thought ft Portugal the Man & The Last Artful Dodgr – Quiet Trip
Nolan the Ninja – Tick
Benny the Butcher – Famous
Perennial – Chasing Fables
Papoose – Tribute
Apollo Brown and Che Noir ft Ty Farris – Hold It Down
Tempomental ft Exit Only – No Looking Back


Original air date – Thursday October 22, 2020

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