Legendary Memphis duo 8 Ball and MJG are a staple in hip-hop and have been doing their thing for decades and now they return with some refreshing music for their staunch fans and new listeners alike. The new song “They Don’t Love You” is a reflective and conscious tune about loyalty, fake friendship, and betrayal and sees the duo bringing listeners that pure unadulterated rap filled with bravado and timeless lessons to grow on. 8 Ball sets it off with his laidback flow and reminds us to be careful of so-called friends who might be plotting in the dark while MJG follows suit with a series of warnings with lines like “Smiling when you come around but it ain’t genuine/They be talking behind your back and still continuing to act like a friend“. In summary, 8ball and MJG give us some life rules to follow and some examples to show how shady people can be just to use you for their goals.

The visual is stylish and captures the veteran rappers as true OGs doing what they do best. I love the simple concept of using seamless transitions and performance shots that amplify their two distinct styles. The video was shot inside the landmark Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Memphis, and the pair park their spectacular, tricked-out, silver-rimmed vintage car on Beale Street

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