Uprising indie rapper who goes by the moniker 2Face $avage shares his latest project $avage Files PT1 with us. The project is an 11-track long body of work and at 30 minutes long it sure packs a lot with its dark subject matter that ranges from drugs, violence, mental health and sex.
“Gen 5” is a moody one-note piano-driven beat that sounds like those retro Memphis underground tracks. It has a solemn feel but 2Face $avage does nothing close to that. His shaky flow is filled with bravado and graphic lyrics that see him attacking his opposition from all sides. It sets the tone for the project as the next track “Spazz Out” hits the speakers like a H-Bomb. The sparsely arranged drums and thick basslines form the foundation of the record while 2Face’s unassuming flow slithers over it like no man’s business. On “Do Not Like Me” and “We Roll Deep” he switches up the vibe with his off-beat and stylish flow. The former is hinged on an off-kilter melodic flow over a dreamy and ethereal backdrop while the latter makes use of a crisp and bouncy beat underpinned by his nonchalant flow and graphic lyrics that see him dodging shots from his enemies and snatching other people’s girls from them.
“Fck U” is as zany and weird as they come and it’s made up of moody and ominous textures that form the perfect soundscape for 2Face to vent his frustrations in his own manner. He sends an unsavoury message to his ex and detractors. “What’s the flow like” follows a similar theme as the previous track and while it suffers a bit from being monotonous, the change in his flow sure adds a different feel to it. “ALARM!” makes use of an ominous backdrop with snapping trap drums to boot while 2Face embellishes his flow with an emotional inflection and a no-hook policy. The theme continues in the same vein of bravado and stating his claim as a go-getter who is ready to go the extra mile to achieve his dreams. The production on “40 POP” is particularly interesting as it blends thick trap drum grooves with orchestral sounds and choral vocal samples that are underpinned by the rapper’s unfiltered raps that would probably make your folks clutch their pearls. He sure sounds in his element with the humble brags and melodic runs. “No Friends ($savage Freestyle)” sees him paying homage to his Haitians and a thinly veiled threat to someone’s wife. The track is gloomy and somewhat disturbing as he also states that “death is always on his mind”. The lyrics are a bit jaunted and weave from one topic to another but as a freestyle it sure gets the job done. The project closes out with “Tic T0k” and “Gnaw Fle$h”, 2 songs that are steeped in dark horrorcore themes. The former is a church bell-driven track that makes use of a nursery rhyme in a creepy manner that suggests pure mayhem and redrum if you catch my drift while the latter completes the disturbing theme of sex, violence and drugs with his nonchalant flow and graphic lyrical display.
$avage Files PT1 sure is graphic and maybe not for the faint-hearted because of the extreme subject matter 2Face $avage brings to the forefront. He is unabashed about his opinions and stances on certain issues and doesn’t mince his words so heed the warning before jumping right into it.

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