Happy TGIF to y’all out there and in usual fashion we close out this week with a brilliant set of top 5’s in our coffers. Give them a listen and spread the word.


Brandon Isaiah – A Walk Up Mt Zion

A Walk Up Mt Zion Is the latest single from Brandon Isaiah’s sophomore release, To Whom It May Concern (TWIMC). This song tells the story of a personal conversation Brandon has with God about his trials & tribulations.
His Album ” To Whom It May Concern” introduces you to 20 tracks that proves that true hip hop music is making a comeback in 2017. Each song tells a story that keeps you vibing to the end.


Dynasty – Want You Ft (Nio Tha Gift and Symba)
San Jose Bay Area California Artist Dynasty is on a raise and path to prove himself in the music world of hip-hop and soul  with his Versatile style in music Dynasty portrays images and paints pictures with his music and his past experiences to show his audience the capability he has  posses  to make quality sounding music With his new Single called “Want You” Dynasty speaks to the ladies with fellow Bay Area artists Nio Tha Gift and Symba they tell the ladies how they are feeling and what they want this Summer Time West Coast feel record with make you want to dance and also pursue women that men want .


Victor-J Music : Concrete Thoughts

Concrete Thoughts is a project that Zimbabwean-born, Cape Town-based rapper and producer Victor-J has been working on since the beginning of 2016. In total this album took 1 year and 6 months to create. This is not Victor-J’s first project although he has deleted all his previous projects from the internet because he feels the past 5 years of his career has consisted of him finding himself as an artist. Concrete Thoughts is a result of this. He believes the true beauty of the project is lost if he attempts to put a label on the project or even it’s themes. He has decided to keep it open to interpretation, however one thing which is evident is this project has been inspired by his experiences as an African youth living in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.


Truth & TeK – Fly Away ft. Jodi

Truth & TeK’s music has been described by fans, sites and bloggers as being ‘Boom-Bap’ style Hip-Hop with thought provoking lyrics and clever word play. “Truth & TeK poetically voice their anxieties and frustrations on personal matters and worldly topics in this meaningful song about wanting to escape and ‘Fly Away’ from life’s problems.”


Erica Mason – No Joke

Erica Mason is often described in 2 words: PRETTY N RADICAL. It simply means: “To love who God made you and how God made you. It means to be Pretty from Within.” This movement became the title of her EP “Pretty N Radical” which debuted at No. 35 on the iTunes charts.Erica learned that true beauty begins with accepting and embracing your authentic self. This movement has opened the door for Erica to connect with other musical influencers as she opened for international recording artists Tink and Dee-1, while working with Grammy award winning producers Spec, J.R., and Khao. Erica was recently selected as a Rapzilla Freshman 15′ in 2017 and is highly anticipated as a rising artist. Erica’s Pretty N Radical movement is a passion that opened many opportunities for her to host and speak at international conferences and conventions focused on empowerment for girls and young women. As Erica continues to make international impact, her only hope is that women will truly learn to love themselves and see that “Pretty is from within”



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