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WIB Rap Radio Hour – Frankie Payne Interview

Welcome to The Word Is Bond Rap Radio Hour, your weekly source for great hip-hop music and talk.

Today, we have a special show for you. I got to sit down with Frankie Payne for an exclusive interview. It was an honour and a privilege for a number of different reasons.

Number one, I’ve been following his rap career now since 1994. He was in a group back then called Graphidi Logik and they opened up for my all-time favourite group Run-DMC. It was a great concert and they played a bonafied Canadian..

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WIB Podcast # 25 – Rap is Born

Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. While we cannot pinpoint the exact date that rap was born, we can with hip-hop. We need to remember that there is a subtle difference between rap and hip-hop. Rap is the music; hip-hop is the culture based around the music. For today, we are just going to focus on rap music. In the mid 1970

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WIB Podcast # 21 – Know Your History (The DJ)

In the last episode of Know Your History, we looked at the four elements. Today, I want to dive deeper into the original element, the one that birthed hip-hop culture.

Hip-hop started with the DJ. That

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WIB PODCAST: Show #3 – Celebrating International Women’s Day | Part 2

The Word Is Bond Podcast | Show #3

In this special edition of The Word is Bond Podcast, we present you a roundtable discussion featuring some great female MCs; NillaKool Krys, and Lady A.S.G, and one of Hamilton’s biggest music promoters, Our Sis Sam. Chase March leads the panel and together they explore women’s issues as they pertain to rap music and hip-hop culture. This was part of our annual International Women’s Day Spectacular on DOPEfm earlier this month and it is something you won’t want to miss.

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