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Nico Djeez – Strictly Turntablized Boom Bap

Yet another half an hour by German brother Nico Djeez, full of gems and breaks…this brother, is slowly becoming our favorite mix master.

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EVENT (Chicago, IL): Respect The Mic 4.0 (w/sg DJ Maseo of De La Soul) [11/25]!


This friday night, De La Soul’s DJ Maseo will be in the place to rock the turntables alongside a slew of Chicago’s emcees and beatmakers. The event will be taking place at the Abbey Pub around 830pm. Check the flyer for more details. Its going to go crazy. What’s dope is that these performers is going to get paid!

The Abbey (venue): website | facebook | twitter
Ando Ruckus: website | facebook | twitter
Contagious: myspacefacebook
Cuttin’ Up Music: facebook | twitter


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The Underground Chronicles Of Suff Daddy: Part 4 (The End)

Suff Daddy at Splash Festival (Photography by Robert Winter)

Episode 72 mit Suff & Miles by RadioLoveLove

Ok, so i tried to write the last episode of the underground chronicles quicker than the last one, but i totally failed.

The tour is over now for about two weeks, and i’m happy to chill out at my flat. I started making beats again and work on the new album,..

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EVENT (LA): Blitz The Ambassador FREE SHOW tonight!

ALBUM REVIEW: Damu The Fudgemunk – How it Should Sound

Damu The Fudgemunk’s two volume album, How it Should Sound, resonates from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. It is purely instrumental with only an introduction by Damu The Fudgemunk himself. Although he uses the similiar samples throughout the album he creates a variety of sounds that all have their own individual story worth focusing in on. This makes one want to listen in on a track more than one time. The complex drum patterns Damu uses have constant breaks and unexpected changes that will keep you on your toes.

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DOWNLOAD: JAYLIB vs. J ROCC (29 mins track, mixed by J Rocc)

Stones Throw – Jaylib vs J Rocc

Stones Throw:

“The year was 2003.  J Dilla and Madlib had just wrapped up their album Champion Sound, recording as Jaylib, with Dilla then still in Detroit and Madlib doing all his work from his bomb shelter studio in Los Angeles. J Rocc – who would later become the third member of Jaylib, on the turntables for each of the shows the guys did together – put together this mixtape of Dilla, Madlib and Jaylib songs, as well as some of their sources, essentially telling the story of this..

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