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COMPILATION: Melaz – Jazzy Trip

Peacemaker – Canya Reial

West Coast Chill – Ion the Prize

Inside My Love (For Minnie) – DJ Cam Quartet

The Italian homie Melaz, released yet again another amazing compilation, this being “Jazzy Trip” and it’s without a doubt his best release so far. The whole compilation it’s chilled and filled with dope jazzy vibes. 100% instrumental, and featuring producers such as Boho Fau & Elevated Soul, DJ Ezzascul, Buddy Sativa, Supafuh, Mecca83, The Stuyvesants and The Underachievers, amongst other names all familiar to the Word Is Bond readers.


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FREENESS: Boho Fau & elevatedSOUL – Coffee House Swinger: Brewing Sessions

Boho Fau & Elevated Soul – Sweet Tea
Boho Fau & Elevated Soul – Espresso

This… Yeah, this is nice. Real nice . Boho Fau and Elevated Soul return with a follow up to their incredible Coffee House Swinger. The beats are amazing, could stand along as instrumentals easily (thankfully they’ve released a few on this album) but then you’d miss out on the vocals provided by Boho Fau. It’s just so smooth and chilled, I love it, jazz and hip hop in flawless harmony. Gonna spin this a few times before..

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FREENESS: Boho Fau & Elevated Soul – Sweet Tea

Cofee House Swinger – Sweet Tea (INS)

Download 6 track Single On Bandcamp


“Back with more coffee-centered exploits set atop fly jazz grooves…SWEET TEA is the final single prior to the release of the COFFEE HOUSE SWINGER: BREWING SESSIONS album. We hope you dig both the track and the artwork! Download FREE, donate and most importantly, SHARE THIS!! Feedback is appreciated.”

Previous Posts On Boho Fau & Elevated Soul

Boho Fau: bohofau.bandcamp.com

elevatedSOUL: elevatedsoul.bandcamp.com


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AUDIO: Boho Fau and Elevated Soul – Swinger Swagger

[wpaudio url=”http://www.thewordisbond.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Swinger-Swagger-demo.mp3″ text=”Boho Fau and Elevated Soul

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DOWNLOAD: Knowa Lazarus & Elevated Soul – LIFE EP

You may remember a while back we posted up a great release called Coffee House Swinger by Elavated Soul and Boho Fau.  Well here is a new EP from Elavated Soul featuring  Knowa Lazarus, which dropped earlier this month.



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DOWNLOAD: Boho Fau & Elevated Soul – Coffee House Swinger

This is smooth as butter, boom-bap rap. Some incredible jazz samples, will take you elsewhere.. bet that. You can name your price, so if you decide to grab it for free, then please spread the link around.

Also check out “The Magnificent Soul EP” by Elevated Ruffians. The great Elevated Soul & Magnificent Ruffians collab from last year.


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