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lupe fiasco

Lupe Fiasco – Lilies feat. Sirah

Consistent readers of Word Is Bond will know that I consider Lupe Fiasco‘s descent from greatness is one of the most tragic things to happen to hip hop in the new Millenium, and while it’ll take something phenomenal to truly arrest that decline ‘Lilies’ is the best thing I’ve heard from him in a while. Soulful production [&hellip

king k.o.n.g.

King K.O.N.G. & Teck-Zilla – Kongzilla

The two beasts King K.O.N.G. and Teck-Zilla join forces for a monster collab release called Kongzilla. With the lizard on the production and the ape on the mic, the heavyweight duo demonstrate their force on a series of eclectic bangers, reinforced by some fresh features. Check it out! Continue Reading


WIB Rap Radio – AZ Interview (20 Years of Doe or Die)

This is a very special edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of AZ’s debut album, “Doe or Die.“ I know that we are a year early with this one, but AZ told us that he was planning on releasing “Doe or Die 2″ this year and we wanted [&hellip

surrock brocolli blu

Surock – Broccoli feat. Blu

This will be most people’s introduction to MC and producer Surock, but the indomitable Blu jumps on with him for ‘Broccoli’, the first single from Surock’s upcoming Fuck You Very Much EP. Whenever greens are mentioned in the culture of hip-hop, you normally know what they refer to and of course ‘Broccoli’ is no exception, but it’s a nice track to spark up [&hellip


deadxbeat – [ leftover​.​_slops ]

I’ve been really, really in to that lo-fi, jazzy, minimalist hip-hop sound recently, so when I stumbled across deadxbeat’s Soundcloud it was as if I discovered a goldmine. The dude creates so much and throws a hell of a lot out there – nice to see someone so productive – but of course that means there are [&hellip

Louis Mackey Daytime Auguries World Around Records

Louis Mackey – Daytime Auguries (World Around Records Single Series)

This week’s track, the third in World Around Records Single Series, phases in with foreboding, pulsating waves of grungy funk with Boston-based emcee Louis Mackey following close behind rapping a heady and coarse mixture of biography, commentary and philosophy.  If you like what you hear, check the World Around Records catalogue for more. If you [&hellip

dj hellblazer left behind(s) 2

DJ Hellblazer – Left Behind(s) vol.2

DJ Hellblazer’s ‘Left Behind(s) 2′ explores a melancholic sense of abandonment. ‘An anthology of tracks left behind’, this is not a release for those summery days, but from the moment Nathalie P’s voice hits those notes on the intro a raw, nostalgic energy is transmitted from record to speaker. It’s deep and it’s dark, but it’s good. Continue Reading

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