Amsterdam-based WRLDBEAT is funk, Latin, hip-hop, reggae & soul mixed and spiced in the melting pot of a multi-national musical collaboration. The ten-piece band is an unusual mix of cultures and generations who can trace their roots back to points all over the world. Their new release titled “Born Original Hip Hop” is an upbeat jazz/hiphop piece that pays homage to the culture of hip-hop and its pioneers.

Bolstered by the vibrant drum grooves, lush chords, and horns, the band blends their live musicianship with the essence of hip-hop led by frontman Mr. Jahson and lead vocalist Larissa. Mr. Jahson takes listeners back with his rap references and evocative lyrics that capture the true hip-hop we all love. Devoid of materialistic elements or over-bloated bravado and gimmicky hooks,  listeners are afforded a unique blend of styles and alluring sounds that they can rock with.

The band is made up of  Larissa (lead vocals), Mr. Jahson (rapper), Stephanie (backing vocals), Sarah (backing vocals) , Mick (sax), Nico (guitar), Alan (keyboards), Jort (bass), Carl (drums) and Henk (percussion).

The WRLDBEAT story has been one of changes as the years have gone by. Originally the band operated as a nine-piece with an additional lead vocalist. During this time Milber and later Noud brought their individual vocal styles to WRLDBEAT, with Noud providing the vocals on the earlier recordings. In the current WRLDBEAT line up, Larissa is front and centre with her powerful and strident lead vocal style. As the band started to play larger shows and expand their range, the rhythm section was extended with Henk on percussion, and Sarah joined on backing vocals. With the full ten-piece line-up, WRLDBEAT as we know them today was complete. With this line-up the band has now completed two albums – 2020’s The Next Wrld and the upcoming release “A Strange Summer”, slated for January 2022.


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