WORD IS BOND VS.: Maxx Julian Vs. Sincere Vega – Blisters by TheWordIsBond.com

It was late evening at Diggler’s residence, Digging untill coming across “Savant”.. An instrumental project that was composed by “Maxx Julian”… Began to dig into the beat tape and proceeded to head nod to the abstract rhythms nice rich soul and funky samples…My mental was gettin’ bombed and peaced by audible acrylics by the Detroit native…In conclusion one production stuck out and was immediately was in a trance…Track entitled “Blisters”…
Off in a deep trance on about the rhythm and it took 2 mins to know who would kill it proper and give it justice along with Florida Style…
First in conjunction with the homie… He had added me on Twitter…Curious to know who this person was proceeded to peep his work…and in an instant “Blisters” came to mind…He Goes by the name “Sincere Vega” .. Born and raised in Florida…His style is quite unique, its hip hop infused with a story telling type of steeze…His delivery is well projected and assertive in his sincerity of his vocal tone…
Blisters is a classic and was killed instantly as soon as it was 20 seconds in the track…but all in all…Peep both of these cats delivering a dope project in the making…because in after linking up the too artists…They went ahead and started establishing a sound all by them selves…Make way for “sinAmaxx” in the near future…We will exclusively run this through WIB as there is already a leaker from the dopeness…Should really check that tho…
Ladies and Gentlemen…Word Is Bond Introducing a New Versus… Never dying always multipling in the creativeness aligned in this…Detroit Vs. Florida…Maxx Julian Vs. Sincere Vega…’BLISTERS’….


Sincere Vega: Twitter

Maxx Julian: Twitter

602Diggler & J

Photography by ~Korpinkynsi

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