Welcome to THE WORD IS BOND “VERSUS”…Another audible treat to bring you ladies and gentlemen…
Surfing through Twitter… “Cose MP” Producer from AZ had recommended to hear what was brewin on his side of things…”Glass Ceiling Effect Squad”…Is what was introduced…Cose MP and Doctor Khil are producers from a wide variety of states from AZ to NY…G.C.E Is a hip hop collective out of Upstate,NY. Ranging from Albany, Saratoga, Troy, and everywhere in between, Glass Ceiling Effect is a product of its environment and far different from what you’ve come to expect from hip hop today.

After havin’ listen to G.C.E’s composition…It was already known to me that “Dr. Khil” was going to be acquainted with a new sound…A new style of breed in Mc’s and Producers with their range of hiphop evolution in the human generation of today…Reppin’ Whittier California…YOUNG AND COLLECTIVE…For me it was grounded in sound to know that Dr. Khil had a banger for the Young…In First hearing of “Y&C” Diggler was searchin’ and stumbled upon The Nine90s and Cabbage Bag Gang that bring up the sound of the California Collective..Rock On, EJR, Leroy Fuego, Trizz, c.Goodz, & Mysterious Jay…The backdrop was sent immediately and Young Members Trizz and Leroy Fuego glazed and coated Khil’s bacdrop effortlessly with that Young seduction… Gheat!!..Just want to thank Dr. Khil and Y&C…For the contribution and for Supporting WIB and also f**kin’ with 602Diggler…Others are in the works so stay locked for infamous exclusive heat rocks!!…Here we go then….NEW YORK VS. CALIFORNIA… DR. KHIL (G.C.E) VS. TRIZZ & LEROY FUEGO (Y&C)….. ENTITLED TRACK…. “YOUNG!”…GHEA LETS GO!!!


Trizz: Twitter

Leroy Fuego: Twitter

Dr. Khil: Twitter

602Diggler & J

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