Conscious roots artist Will Evans follows up his highly acclaimed studio album After the Burnt Out Sun, with a new single “Old Soul”  and an accompanying video. The record is a genre-bending piece that blends funk-soul,afrobeats with a dash of hiphop and the result is quite brilliant as we hear Will delivering his folk-inspired sound in a new format. Armed with his distinct melodic flow and conscious lyrics, Will touches on delicate real-time issues that affect us all. He aims to awaken our spirits and propel us to take action. Joining him on the track is Hip Hop legend Chali 2NA from Jurassic 5 who adds his 2 cents to the track. The song celebrates life, wisdom and community and calls on people to come together to make life better, while keeping your head bobbing from beginning to end.

The accompanying video is as vibrant as they come and was shot by producer and editor Kyle Morgan. Having shot several of Evans’ previous videos, Morgan incorporates street art, small businesses and a barber shop where Evans claims to have had the best haircut he’s ever had, to celebrate the Rhode Island community around them. By also including graffiti, b-boys (breakdancing) as well as of course, emceeing, Evans honours some of the key pillars of Hip Hop. Three-fourths of the way through the video, we are introduced to Chali 2NA’s verse via Facetime, where he joins the song from his phone in a very authentic demonstration of how the majority of collaborations come together today. Combined, the two artists present a catchy, upbeat and lyrically conscious hit meant to uplift listeners across the globe.

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