“Black Cherry” is a solid collaboration between the hip-hop group Wave Length and rapper MoeSOS DC. The result is a heartfelt, reflective tune that dwells on the dynamics of pain, perseverance, and patience which MoeSOS brings to life with his impassioned delivery and evocative songwriting. The first verse starts by claiming “this is the darker side of summer” in which one can often deal with the realities of life’s tragedies while trying to enjoy the beauty of the season while the second verse conveys the sadness that one experiences while being unable to help their friend through a mental crisis that ultimately leads to an untimely death.

Wave Length is a group comprising of emcee MoeSOS DC, emcee/keyboardist Will Matthews, & bassist Jack Warfield who have their eyes set to push the envelope of Hip Hop music through cutting edge live performances, groovy instrumentation, and uplifting lyrics.

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