“ViktorStone” was featured just recently here on WIB, and it so happens he murked another set of samples for yall to engage in some head nod action.. Reach out and just press play, now your drifting in “CosmicSupremacy”.. 20 heaters with slap to slap “astralbasement” tactics.. The beats follow his steeze with every cut in motion, this processes a feedback in stylus repetition for the producer.. In other words, when a composer finds his style, it doesn’t get old and stale.. Rather than upgraded with cleaner audio breeze.. So take a deep breath ladies and gentlemen, you are now rockin’ to the sounds of “Viktostone”.. Ghhheeeaaa, we encourage to slap respectively and support the bond!…

[viral-lock]Preview/Purchase “ViktorStone – CosmicSupremacy” Cop On Bandcamp Click Here[/viral-lock]


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