Released yesterday, the trailer for an official upcoming documentary on Immortal Technique. Premièring  at the Harlem Film Festival on September 7th 2011…

“Immortal Technique emerged from prison a changed man. As his inner journey continues he travels the world promoting a revolution of consciousness through hip-hop. His path from a troubled youth to a fearless revolutionary is an inspirational must-see.”

To my surprise, the films director Cary Stuart has some past credits as a mechanical effects assistant on two of my favourite films, Demon Knight (1995) and From Dusk Til Dawn (1996), getting off the tangent; it seems he is an old friend of IT’s, who explains…

“A long time ago I began working on a documentary with my old friend about my life, about artistic freedom and struggles of it all. Now that doc is finished and is premiering at the Harlem Film Festival Sept. 7th 2011. The ®evolution of Immortal Technique.”

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