Pretty dope stuff from Sinsen, an MC hailing from Lublin, Poland, with the backdrop of a beatboxer. Goes to show you don’t need to understand the lyrics to appreciate if something’s pretty nice! His profile, courtesy of the Lublin Offical Website:

Sinsen – is the depth of hip-hop. He says of himself that he is a child of hip-hop, because the love of this culture comes from his family home, where he was inspired by the rich collection of CDs of his father. Growing up in the famous district of Lublin – LSM has developed an individual style of the artist, who now can confidently be called as prophetic, because as he says, “he calls into question the accepted view of reality. ” The first solo Sinsen project  “Hiphopotam” was created in 2010. It deliberately refers to large wild animal, because it shows the face of hip-hop coming from distant parts of the so-called civilized world, in this case the Eastern Poland – Lublin.

Sinsen: Facebook Youtube


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