“It is often difficult to describe in words the emotion that is involved in creative ventures. This is one of those situations. When we decided to record the new album International Summers we wondered how we could possibly capture the deep and warm sensation that lies within the heart and souls of the people world round. John Robinson and Lewis Parker both hold impressive discographies the easily boast a decade plus of gems delivered to the masses wrapped in passion, love and integrity. John is the perfect example of still waters run deep, his much reserved and calm façade belies the excitement and the imagination that explodes when he literally loses himself in the rhymes and let thoughts channel from a higher place. Lewis is a master craftsman, and his craft is one of hypnotism, seduction and satisfaction all accomplished via his bewitching SP 1200 and other Classic vintage analog machinery, which gives birth right to his GOLDEN SOUND. JR and LP are the oracles of that warmth the has been missing in the world of music and leaving so many cold and lonely searching for that same substance that forced them to fall in LOVE with the music in the first place! International Summers marks the continuing journey that cant be limited to a certain place nor season, so fasten your seatbelts yall! Lets RIDE!”

An excellent cross-Atlantic collab courtesy of Project Mooncircle. If  “The Unseen Trap was anything to go by, this album is sure to bring fire.


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