“Lost Time” is a collaboration between Vice Beats, Ellie Harris, Kinkai, Thalassic, and Mecca:38. The track is a cross-country collaboration that showcases how different styles can merge to produce an amazing piece of art that is timeless and seamless. Bolstered by a chilled and ethereal backdrop by Vice Beats, Harris comes through with a soothing melodic run while rapper Kinkai adds his insightful and vivid lyricism to pepper the track. Also joining them on the track are saxophonist Thalassic who adds a nostalgia-inducing touch with his horns while Mecca:38 surgically mixed it to the most pristine quality.

Directions is a debut project and the beginning of Vice beats’ journey as a solo producer after focusing on collaborations and a variety of musical ventures.

With nine tracks featuring on the project, this serves as an introduction to the Bristol (UK) based producer’s sound. With a passion for hip-hop (particularly through being the Managing Editor and Podcast Host for Wordplay Magazine) and teaching music as a youth worker, Vice beats’ love of music is clear in every track. Featuring a number of long term collaborators, and instrumental versions of prior released tracks, the project sways effortlessly between instrumental and vocal elements, whilst remaining rooted in Jazz and hip-hop.

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