Philly rapper, Verse Mega teams up with producer Nthebeats for this anthemic and profound track titled “Justice Now.” The track is a powerful rallying cry for victims of police brutality and was created in the wake of Eric Garner’s murder by the hands of the NYPD but held off on its release until now. The pair were unable to release the track at the time, but sadly history has repeated itself with the barbaric killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, and so the two felt the moment was right for it to finally be heard. 

The track opens with voices from a protest—”What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”—that is actually used for the hook, and then it bursts forth with massive production from Nthebeats. His driving instrumental sets the pace for Mega to unleash his rapid-fire rhymes that, unfortunately, couldn’t be more timely in the wake of Floyd’s senseless murder, and the worldwide protests of police brutality that have ensued.  Throughout his bars, the Philly emcee addresses the disconnect between police and those they’re meant to serve and protect as well as the generations upon generations of injustice faced by African Americans. He also questions exactly what the word “justice” means while ending his bars with these incredibly poignant words: “If we can’t get no justice, then you can’t get no peace!”

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