Vanderslice recruits Chi-town lyricist Vic Spencer for this brief but heavy-hitting cut titled “Cold Winter.” Built off a sample from the vintage Tanner library Trendsetter series, “Cold Winter” feels exactly like the title and hits the ears like a blizzard with its broody anthemic texture and rumbling drums to match.  Vic Spencer doesn’t hold back the punches on this one and comes through with the verbal haymakers and potent threats with lines like “…Make niggaz panic like Mole men/ BBlood splatter all like a Nike sign on my gold rose Timbs...”

“Cold Winter” is the debut leak off Vanderslice’s producer compilation, Trendsetter which drops digitally and on vinyl on March 27th. Pre-order the project here.


Side A:

01. Intro

02. Cold Winter (feat. Vic Spencer)

03. Christmas Night (feat. Ty Farris)

04. Barry White Shit (feat. G Perico)

05. Puzzles (feat. Daniel Son)

06. Shell Casings (feat. Capo)

07. Outro

Side B:

01. Intro (Instrumental)

02. Cold Winter (Instrumental)

03. Christmas Night (Instrumental)

04. Barry White Shit (Instrumental)

05. Puzzles (Instrumental)

06. Shell Casings (Instrumental)

07. Outro (Instrumental)

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