In this special day full of Word Is Bond news….I would like to announce that the Word Is Bond Forums are now fully open for business.

Ya’ll asked, and we responded as quickly as we could.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve started to realize that the Wall is coming up short for all the recommendations and comments from everyone.

After I asked if there was anyone willing to manage the forums…We’ve received more mails than we thought about people willing to help with the forums, thanks so much to everyone that emailed us.

Here’s the gang that’s going to manage things at the boards:

Kuroisoul & Lorcan are going to be the Forum Administrators. Both these brothers have plenty of experience moderating and managing forums, and they are both followers of the WIB happenings. So it was a no brainer really.

Hardeep & Rhino as Forum moderators. Hardeep and Rhino where the first to reach out offering some help, and they are both regular readers of WIB.

We know Kuroisoul very well, and are really looking forward to getting to knowing Lorcan, Hardeep & Rhino, over the coming, weeks, months & hopefully years to come.

@Kuroisoul, Lorcan, Hardeep & Rhino…a warm welcome to the WIB fam.

We post everyday, but except for a few good brothers that post on the wall, we don’t know anyone else’s tastes or opinions on anything we do or post….we really hope we can create a real dope and tight community. We at WIB team are all really curious to get to know all of you guys.

K ya’ll forum it’s open, feel free to register, introduce yourself & join in the conversation… CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE FORUM

Hope you enjoy this new addition to the site.

And once again thanks for keep it tuned to WIB.


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