“Lone Soul” is a single off Univ3rSoul‘s debut “While The City Sleeps”. The two minute long track is alo fi, mellow jam that dwells on the story of a young dreamer.



Growing up in the North Jersey area, it was inevitable that he would discover hip hop music. A defining moment in his musical journey came when he discovered the lyrical and compelling storytelling ability of artists like Eminem. From this point on, he was hooked. Delving deeper and deeper into the world of emotional, lyrical, conscious-minded, story telling hip hop; he quickly realized he had a talent to create the same type of art he loved listening to.

Now, he creates hip hop music for all kinds of people from all types of places. Telling stories of his experiences he touches on many different subjects and deals with multiple emotions that other artists may not normally talk about. He’s everything our world so desperately needs, yet everything it despises.


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