We best enjoy the summer time while we still here and nothing more exemplifies that notion than Typ-iLL‘s newest track “Without Love”. Teaming up with producer 5ickness who crafts nothing but pure summery gold for Typ-iLL to paint his views over.

Hit the play button and bask in the moment!

Typ-iLL and longtime collaborator/producer, 5ickness, put on for their hometown of Long Island, N.Y. with a summery, uplifting new joint, “Without Love.” From the crackling needle drop to the fading vocal loop, the track is both an ode to Strong Island and a message to anyone doubting Typ’s passion and love for his art.
Throughout the first two verses, Typ paints a vivid lyrical picture of his stomping ground, over the hypnotizing beat, and it feels like you’re cruising the streets right beside him. That means hitting Willie’s Barber Shop for a new cut, and sippin’ rum until you’re carried out of the lobby of the nearby Marriott. Typ then flips from nostalgic to confident, for his closing verse that boasts tongue-twisting rhymes and middle-fingers to his detractors. When he caps it all off with “Grindin’ so f*ckin’ hard, it’s my turn to blow,” it’s hard to imagine anyone disagreeing with that statement.
“Without Love” is the final leak before we hear the lead single from Typ-iLL’s much anticipated debut album, Veterans Day, which is produced entirely by none other than Statik Selektah.
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