Producer 14KT sits with us for a short one on one to talk about all things music, life and more. Coming off the highly acclaimed “RSXGLD” project with emcee Ro Spit, it was only right to get him to talk to us. Sit back relax and enjoy the chat below.


For the benefit of anyone who’s been living in an underground bunker for the past few years…who on earth are you?

14KT. Mr. Killa Tape. Child of God/Uncle/Chop Artist/Producer/DJ/Recording Engineer/Entreprenuer/Alien and part of the minority who like pineapples on their pizza.

Do you remember the first beat you ever made? How did you go about it?

Yep. I can’t remember exactly what it sounded like, but it involved me beatboxing into some broken headphones plugged into the microphone jack of a boombox back in 1995. I made beats before I had any beat machine.

Are there any other interesting facts about you that hardly anyone else knows?

Hmm, here’s a good random one. I used to work at a Civil Engineering Firm doing Computer Aided Design as a Field Technician.

What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

Being a part of a community of amazingly talented individuals who are aliens. It’s been a major benefit to know great people/artists, learn from them, and be inspired by them everyday. I just want to see more people be themselves and tap into their uniqueness more than copying the next man/woman.

What has been your biggest challenge…and how did you overcome it?`

My biggest challenge is still a daily struggle. That challenge is myself. Sometimes I overcome, sometimes I don’t. But when I overcome, it’s usually because of something greater than myself, such as my relationship with God.

Who have been the coolest, most memorable people you’ve met along the way, and how did they make an impact on your life?

My crew Athletic Mic League will forever be some of the coolest most memorable folks in my life. They gave me confidence to do what i’m doing today. RSXGLD too. They continue to remind me to be an alien, not take life that serious, but still work hard.


When you’re sitting on the porch age 97 what would you like to look back on and smile having achieved?

Hopefully I’m not alive at age 97, but i want to look back on my family flourishing and these 50+ albums I’ve created.

What has been your most memorable or inspirational gig and why?

Too many. Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battles will always be memorable to me. Being there playing beats in front of cats I look up to like Just Blaze, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Jake One, Vitamin D and being in front of hundreds of people. First Europe Tour with Slum Village. Meeting J Dilla. Watching Dr. Dre work. Life is crazy.

What has been your strangest celebrity encounter?

Randomly having drinks really late on like a Tuesday night at a hotel with nobody really there and seeing Rihanna sitting literally 15 feet away. JeSos!

Name 5 songs (yours excluded) that we would expect to find on your iPod or Music Player

• DJ Assault – “Ass N Titties”

• Toro y Moi – “Girl Like You”

• Stro Elliot – “Marvin’s Mood”

• The Gaturs – “Concentrate”

• SOS Band – “Tell Me If You Still Care”

What special-hero type skills are you blessed with?

I’m able to stay awake for continuous, countless hours of time.

Where can everyone reading this interview keep up with your adventures?

• Website:

• Twitter:  / @RSXGLD

• Instagram:  @rsxgld

• Facebook:

…or catch me out on these streets players.

Any final thoughts?

Thank you for this interview. God is Good. Keep that RSXGLD album in rotation! I think this album is one of the best authentic cohesive Hip-Hop albums to be released out of the state of Michigan. I challenge listeners to challenge my assessment. Much love!

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