Word is Bond Rap Radio has moved to Tuesday nights.

In our debut on our new night last week, we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day by kicking off the show with some school-themed tracks.

Make sure you move with us if you listen live. We will be back tomorrow night on 94.9 Radio Western at 10:00 p.m. And we will continue to podcast our weekly episodes right here.

Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy
Tom Green – Teachers Suck
Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard
Dead Prez – They Schools
Ambition, Timbuktu, Uncle Fester ft Ghettosocks and Muneshine – This Tall To Ride
XoC & The Dirty Sample ft Royce Birth – Here We Go Again (Remix)
5.1.nine.0.2 ft D-sisive – All I Know
Domo Genesis & Evidence – Sing Me a Song
Del & Amp Live – Help
Chris Orrick – Lazy Buddies
Apollo Brown & Locksmith – No Question
ethemadassassin & Luse Kanz – Strength and Power
Tempomental ft Kyle Kanevil – Up in the Morning
Aliano & Jakk Wonders – Make it Clear
Intuition & Equilibrium – Weight is Gone
The Legion – 1980 Something
NapsNdreds – Spilled Milk
Pusha T ft Jay-Z – Drug Dealers Anonymous (Remix)
Fraction – Find Our Way
Gardener ft Phoenix Pagliacci – Learn Something
Bobo – My Name is Bobo
Cee – No Conversation
Da Grassroots – Price of Livin’
Cam Meekins, Sap, Michael Christmas – Never Lived It
Mega Ran – The East Coast
Cautious Kieran – Refuge for Introverts
Lee Reed – This Microphone
Chase March – It’s Clobbering Time

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