LA-based producer/DJ Trey Kams takes us back with his nostalgic-infused project Nostalgia and in the interim, shares some stand out tracks from the project with us.

The first cut is the title track “Nostalgia” which is made up of solemn keys, warm pads, and soft drums. The changes here are not much but serves as a solid accompaniment for a cool evening. relaxation.

“Deja Vu” is the second cut on deck. It sure lives up to its name with its smooth horns, lush lofi keys, and lively drum arrangement. The overall texture gives off a very lively feel and the layered instrumentation puts the listener live on stage as well.

The third cut “Emerald” is solemn and ripe with neck-snapping drums, lush textures, and a vintage Rhodes that really strike the ears. It’s a solid beat that I can hear our favorite neo-soul artists over.
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