We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Mase – “Dreams”

UK producer Mase goes into full lo-fi mode with his new release titled “Dreams.” A laidback summer-tinged piece ripe with smooth keys, punchy drums and dreamy textures.


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 Farazi – “VandaL (Instrumental)”

Turkish producer Farazi is not novel to TWIB and has been dropping gems with Chuuwee and Trizz. The record is a vibrant and cinematic piece ripe with lush and somewhat gritty textures and punchy drums. The track is the focus track from his newly released instrumental album Anti-Kahraman: 90 Nesli (Instrumentals).

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Memory Recollection – “What We Came For”

Memory Recollection serves up a soulful instrumental titled  “What We Came For” and it’s quite solid from start to finish. From the vocal chops, guitar plucks and nostalgic strings, the producer really takes the best parts and rearranges them in a seamless fashion here. I also love the rousing switch-up as the beat progresses.


johnboybeats – “Pond”

johnboybeats comes through this week’s list with a new gem titled “Pond.” The smooth piano-driven piece is ripe with a pulsating bass line, soft drums, and airy horns to match.

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Dude – “Clouded”

Dude shares some of his laidback styles on “Clouded.” He fuses soft trap drums and atmospheric textures for us to rock with.



J(X) – “Navy Coffee”


Oxnard, California-based producer J(X) captures how the first cup of morning coffee feels like on this soul-lifting track titled “Navy Coffee.” From the soft drum grooves, ethereal and layered pads, and strings, he delivers a nostalgia-inducing piece that we all can rock with. “Navy Coffee” is part of a compilation put together by the global collaborative PLFG.
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Terror Firma – “Acknowledgement”


Dunedin, New Zealand-based Terror Firma send sin some soothing vibes with this new single titled “Acknowledgement” taken from their new EP Rebuild & Restore EP out now via Illect Recordings. The record is ripe with somber and lush textures layered over groovy drums.

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UK musician/producer ERAAN‘s new single “CREEP” is a chilled and somewhat melancholic piece ripe with squeaky guitar riffs, moody strings, and choppy drums. The track is taken from his upcoming debut EP DROWN, which will be released on 18th June via Primitive Art.
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Donnell Spencer Jr. – “The Game” (feat. David P Stevens & Marqueal Jordan)”


Donnell Spencer Jr. team up with David P Stevens & Marqueal Jordan for this melodic and groovy jazzy jam titled “The Game.” A superb blend of heavenly horns, lush guitar plucks, and an undeniable groove that keeps the listeners locked in.
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Chill Quest Collective – “Coffee and Donuts”


“Coffee and Donuts” is a smooth ethereal lo-fi beat courtesy of the Chill Quest Collective. The track has a bright and uplifting feel with its lush horns, warm basslines, and groove.
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hoir – “monkee”


UK producer Hoir‘s addition “Monkee” is a somber and somewhat melancholic beat that sounds like a score out of a documentary. It sure builds up slowly but the dynamics are engaging from start to finish.


Premises – “Bleep”

Premises is a production duo made up of instrumentalists Tim Stefaniak and Dylan Ganz. The Boston-based duo shares their new release “Bleep” with us and it’s a genre-fusing piece ripe with ethereal synths, pads, and thumping bass-driven drums. The song is taken from their first instrumental hip-hop mixtape LA Sessions | Vol 1.


Dude – “Eclipse”


Dude comes through to bless our list with “Eclipse” a dark, moody trap beat that packs quite an oomph. He doesn’t employ many changes but the beat is punchy enough to keep listeners locked in.


hyosube – “french exchange student”


Hyosube‘s “french exchange student” is a somber beat ripe with moody textures, soft drums, and warm basslines to complete the job.
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Pillowbop – “Hanging Out”


Pillowbop is a beat-making collective made up of various producers. Their latest effort is this uplifting and summery jam titled “Hanging Out.” There is so much to unpack here from the lush horns, guitars, and silky keys. It’s quite funky and engaging from start to finish.
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