We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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GrmsBeats – “Stand Up”

GrmsBeats implores us to “Stand Up” with his new release. The track is a punchy boom-bap effort that blends ominous vocal samples, a pitched-down vocal and horns. The result is solid from start to finish.


vhskid. – “Waiting To Board”.

vhskid. delivers “Waiting To Board” which is his latest effort. The track is solemn and somewhat introspective. It starts with a soft piano riff and slowly progresses as mellow guitar plucks and soft textures come into play over soft drums.



Polyfunktional – “New Walls”

“New Walls” by Polyfunktional is a genre-mashing piece that blends future-funk with soulful elements. From the undeniable groove, rich synths, dreamy pads and soothing arpeggios to boot, the producer delivers an engaging piece that lovers of laidback funk sounds would enjoy.



Domnxn – “I’m Happy to Be Sad”.

Italian producer Domnxn delivers a smooth and solemn piece “I’m Happy to Be Sad” and the title sure lives up to expectations. The soundscape is lush and sublime and sure gives listeners a calming aura to get through the week.



The FVRCE – “dont stop.”

The FVRCE drops this anthemic banger titled “dont stop.” which samples the classic record “Ain’t no stopping us now” by McFadden and Whitehead. He flips the vocals neatly over a 808-laden management and throws in some subtle synths and textures to match.


Thomas Tempest – “Refractions”




UK instrumentalist Thomas Tempest drops his newest track “Refractions” on our list. The rousing track is made up of lush guitar riffs and dreamy pads that slowly build up into an emotional punchy frenzy. The use of punchy drum groves and that classic vocal snippet also makes it engaging and distinct within the hip-hop realm. It’s genre-fusing as one can hear the chill-hop, soul-lofi elements on it. This is the debut release from Thomas Tempest’s newly formed record label – ‘Flow State Records’.


Anthony Menzia – “Send the Kids Back in the Pail”


Experimental producer Anthony Menzia takes us deep into his world in “Send the Kids Back in the Pail”, a rousing and dark cinematic offering made up of a plethora of sounds. The layered synths, moody pads and distorted sounds all work hand in hand to make this quite engaging and the progression sure keeps listeners locked in. It is hard to generalize the sound as it takes elements from industrial techno, psychedelic, acid house and more.


sftspkn – “traces”.


sftspkn‘s “traces” is a soulful guitar-driven track that is both relaxing and nostalgic at once. The progression is quite rivetting and the layered pianos, guitar plucks and soft drum grooves all merge together like white on rice.


Vladislav Kurnikov – “Sunset Whisper”.

Russian producer Vladislav Kurnikov shows us what a “Sunset Whisper” feels like in his latest effort. The soothing record is as blissful as the morning sun with its sombre keys and relaxing textures.


AVerma – “Happy Holi”


AVerma thrills us with “Happy Holi”, a vibrant piece that was inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi!. The record is quite dynamic and makes use of a classic drum break and psychedelic pads that draws listeners deep into a blissful world far from the craziness of reality.


DaMarcus VanBuren – “First Take (Instrumental Version)”


DaMarcus VanBuren comes through with “First Take (Instrumental Version)”, a synth-driven beat that starts off on a menacing note. The thick 808s and hi-hats all form together like Voltron before the snares come in.



Distant.Face x Starburst Records – “Early Morning Bliss”.

“Early Morning Bliss” is a soul-stirring release from producer Distant.Face and Starburst Records. The track is made up of soothing pads, ethereal arpeggios and soft drums and exudes a reflective and nostalgic vibe.



DT11 – “Campfire Tales”


UK producer DT11 stirs up some feelings with “Campfire Tales”, a dark moody piece ripe with menacing textures and strings and a punchy drum groove to match.


The Last Nation – “Don’t Get Hurt”

The Last Nation drops “Don’t Get Hurt”, a track made up of ethereal synths and pads and an overall soothing aesthetic. It’s quite calming and relaxing.

Hoffy Beats x Louk x RINZ. – “Wouldn’t Ya”


Hoffy Beats , Louk and RINZ. deliver this awesome guitar-driven piece titled “Wouldn’t Ya” to our playlist. The start is quite rousing and the switch up is incredible as the soulful element comes into play


Lumitide – “moonwake”


Lumitide‘s “moonwake” is a guitar-laden chill hop tune that is solemn and nostalgic in many ways. The slow build-up and progression are alluring and engaging from start to finish.


Goson x Beats By Alice – “Fadrr”.

Swedish instrumentalists Goson and Beats By Alice team up for “Fadrr”, an atmospheric and airy effort that is peppered by smooth boombap drums and soulful pads and a pulsating bassline to match.


MonoCulture – “Embraced”.


“Embraced”. is the newest piece from German producer MonoCulture who delivers another solid release on our list. The guitars are lush and stand out over the moody pads and mellow drum grooves


Jesse Klein – “In The Clouds”.


Jesse Klein‘s “In The Clouds”. is a smooth melancholic piece that is both relaxing and nostalgic. The pads are layered and the overall aesthetic has an introspective vibe.


viraltopviral – “Over the clouds”


Ukranian producer viraltopviral makes a solid entry on our list with “Over the clouds”, a bright and atmospheric piece that blends a wide variety of sounds in a seamless manner.



Ronins Musik – “Felt Like”.


Ronins Musik help close out the list with this new release titled “Felt Like”. The track is peppered by lush guitar plucks and bright pads laced over smooth drum grooves.

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