It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Libretto x Buscrates – “Free (Instrumental)”

The instrumental version of “Free” from Libretto & Buscrates‘ collaborative album, Eternal Ridin’ makes its way to our list. It’s a solid piece of work with smooth sound design and neck-snapping drums.

The full instrumental version of the LP was just released. Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Deezer


ASTROLOVESU – “space_trip”


“space_trip” is the focus track taken from producer  ASTROLOVESU‘s debut Beat Tape Chill With Astro. The track has a nice blend of ethereal and sublime textures over neck-snapping drums and it’s ideal for relaxing.




 DWNLD – “Athyna”

DWNLD returns to our list with a guitar-driven beat he calls “Athyna.” The beat has a solemn and reflective vibe and it’s something we all can rock to. Get it on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Deezer

Hbeatz – “Flyin’ Solo”

Hbeatz “Flyin’ solo” is a beautiful piece that exudes a very alluring and nostalgic vibe. Built on soft mellow keys, lush strings, and smooth grooves, Hbeatz takes us into a very atmospheric and soothing astral plane on this one. Get it on Spotify.


 Mac James – “GoodLife”


Producer Mac James gives us a glimpse of the other side on his new track titled “GoodLife.” The beat is very relaxing and lush with its clean drums, alluring keys and ethereal horns that show up every now and then.



Maramice – “Painting Motions”

Maramice sets it off with a soul-gripping beat he calls “painting Motions.” It’s pretty ethereal and atmospheric all through but the drums do thump. Get it on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.


FrickMadeIt – “Forest Hills”

Young emerging South Jersey producer FrickMadeIt shares his track “Forest Hills” with us. The piano driven beat has a very solemn and reflective vibe about it. It’s very smooth and the drums are well crafted too.
“Forest Hills” is taken from his debut beat tape titled Frick Made The Tape Vol. 1. He adds that it was inspired by J Cole’s album 2014 Forest Hills Drive

Get it on Youtube// Soundcloud // Deezer






Evening Elevator – “Higher”

Evening Elevator is a musical duo made up of New York songwriter Tim Segreto (Populus, Boston Sessions) and producer Dub Sonata (Jidenna, Rhymefest, Sage Francis). “Higher” is their debut single showcasing their eclectic and experimental style. “Higher” is a very soothing and reflective beat that really taps into the soul with its melancholic strings, soft alluring keys and mellow drums to match. We do get to hear some vocals on it too, delivered in hushed tones and adds a unique sublime feel to it all.

Filmed by Dub Sonata, the video for “Higher” feels like a waking dream, allowing you to take flight over the fog-laden hills of northern California. The song is the intro track on their forthcoming album bearing the same title.
Get it on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.




Apbeatz – “5AM”

Apbeatz goes for an ultra ethereal vibe on “5AM.” He makes use of soft sublime textures over heavy vibrant drums. It’s quite interesting to be honest. Get it on Apple Music// Spotify// Deezer


Dudd – “Machine Dream”

Dudd makes his debut on our top 10 with this mellow, reflective jam titled “Machine Dream.” He keeps it simple with layered textures of soft keys, strings and mellow lead instrumentals to match the soft drums.




DCS Lefty – “Rabona”

DCS Lefty‘s “Rabona” is full of lush chill hip-hop energy. The drums are bouncy and the crisp textures sure make it very alluring. Hit the play button and get familiar. Get it on Apple Music, Deezer





Tranq – “Weekend”

Tranq is the musical brainchild of 2 award-winning producers/musicians Alberto Arifi and Ramon de Wilde. Their newest release “Weekend” sure takes us into a relaxing zone with its mellow vibes. Very solemn strings, lush keys, and reflective wonky guitars sure go a long way on this one. The track was created during a writing camp for Dutch superstar Snelle. They are currently working on an instrumental EP
Get it on all DSPs here.




Sbeady – “Childhood Memories”

Sbeady dives into the past on the reflective beat titled “Childhood Memories.” He makes use of lush, broody guitars and solid steel drums to drive home his thoughts. The beat is very relaxing and well crafted from start to finish.
It’s the first single of Sbeady’s upcoming instrumental album “Sbeady” scheduled to drop on the 8th of May.
Get it
Spotify// Apple Music//iTunes//Amazon//Bandcamp// Deezer






BoomBaptist – “Shattered Backboard”

BoomBaptist delivers a solid one with his new single “Shattered Backboard.” He majestically flips a funk classic and takes it to a whole new level with the hard hitting staggering drums and sample manipulation here.
“Shattered Backboard” is the final single before his debut album, Boom Shakalaka releases on 4/24. The project is inspired by the classic NBA Jam video game and every song on it is themed after basketball sayings
Get it Soundcloud, Apple Music and Deezer.






S. lyre – “swimming lessons”


“swimming lessons” is a fun-filled, summery jam by producer S. lyre who was inspired by his dog learning to swim. It’s pretty groovy and will get heads nodding with its lush keys and warm basslines.
Get it on Soundcloud

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