Once again we welcome y’all to 2018 and our newest segment that showcases the best instrumental submissions from producers far and wide. We do get a lot of these submissions and we gave it much thought to give some much needed attention to the men and women who work behind the scenes twisting and turning the knobs. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a warm reception to the very first set of our top instrumental submissions for the year 2018.



MYRIAL – Leavin’

Myrial delivers a very sombre and nostalgia filled track. Using mellow drums and a heart warming Spanish guitar arrangement, he crafts something for the cold rainy nights.


LuxGaze – Nostalgia

LuxGaze‘s instrumental titled “Nostalgia” is just what the beat doctor prescribed. Using a very ominous and somewhat emotional powerful string arrangement over a downtempo drum patter, LuxGaze creates something that is both reflective and sobering.



J Boom – Due Tape

J. Boom (formerly of the Finnish production crew The Boomjacks) delivers his full length instrumental tape titled “Due Tape”. Going solo for this project, he crafts a superb collection of eclectic instrumentals from an era in his life circa 2016-2017. The music could be described as eclectic hip hop and boom bap. It’s basis is on heavy sampling and hard hitting drums.


Product_90 – Warzone

North Carolina based producer Product_90 shows why he has always been a fan of hip hop on his new track “Warzone”. With influences ranging from 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus, Pete Rock and many others, Product_90 crafts a hard hitting joint that will rock the tweeters off your speakers. Dark, grimy and head nodding are the words to summarize his effort.


misc.inc – The Chosen One

German producer who goes by the moniker Misc.inc gifts us with his lo fi style of hiphop which also combines soulful arrangements over boombap-ish drum patterns. His latest work titled “The Chosen One” caught our ears with its sombre, reflective instrumentation.

So there you have it, please show some love to these hard working producers by spreading their works far and wide.


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